Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poetry Shopping Holiday Guide - Lucy Biederman

Lucy Biederman's suggestions:

(Food Themed)

For anybody who's ever driven through the suburbs or knows anyone who has: Necessary Stranger by Graham Foust Flood Editions, 2007). (My favorite-favorite-favorite; I would eat it like sugar plums.

Music Like Dirt by Frank Bidart (Quarternote Chapbook Series, Sarabande Books, 2002) tastes like dirt in a delicious way.

For that feeling of your mom cooking dinner downstairs during your childhood: It Is Daylight by Arda Collins (Yale, 2009). So amazing I have to quote from it: "God? you say, but not aloud. Since / there is no god, you have to be / both you and god. Yes. god says. You / turn over on the couch / and push your face into the dark. / Remember / when we went swimming? / The lakes, god says...".

For people who prefer sex to food no question: Harlot by Jill Alexander Essbaum (No Tell Books, 2007). Reading most things, you would think that men have a lock on desire; this book is one of the few things in the universe that tells the truth.

For people who like the inside part of the bread, not the crust: Nomina by Karen Volkman (BOA Editions, 2008). Like being lost inside the inside of the inside.

* * *

Lucy Biederman received an MFA from George Mason University. Her poems are forthcoming in Open City, The Apalachee Review, The Journal, and PMSpoemmeoirstory. You can find poems of hers that have appeared online here:

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