Monday, September 27, 2010

This Week at No Tell Motel

Lucas Farrell is snoring like the fattest of all babies this week at No Tell Motel.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Tell Motel Reading Period Opens During October

No Tell Motel is opening its submission period during the month of October. Complete guidelines are here.

No Tell Motel has been publishing poems every weekday for over six years. Unlike most magazines, we don't publish issues, but instead feature a new poet each week and a new poem each weekday. Poems published in No Tell Motel enjoy a considerable readership and some have gone on to appear in the Best American Poetry (Scribner), the Best American Erotic Poems (Scribner), Sundresses' Best of the Net, Dzanc's Best of the Net, among other notable places.

We publish a broad range of styles and poets, including: Cynthia Arrieu-King, Anne Boyer, Laynie Brown, Shanna Compton, Bruce Covey, Neil de la Flor, Denise Duhamel, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Steve Fellner, Suzanne Frischkorn, Amy Gerstler, Brent Goodman, Arielle Greenberg, Kate Greenstreet, Yona Harvey, Anna Marie Hong, Luisa A. Igloria, Charles Jensen, Kirsten Kaschock, Amy King, Rauan Klassnik, Jennifer L. Knox, Krystal Languell, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Rebecca Loudon, Rob Macdonald, Dora Malech, Nicole Mauro, Shane McCrae, John Murillo, Danielle Pafunda, Craig Santos Perez, Zachary Schomburg, Evie Shockley, Kim Gek Lin Short, Mathias Svalina, Eileen R. Tabios, Craig Morgan Teicher, Fritz Ward and Joshua Marie Wilkinson.

A complete contributor list can be found here.

If you aren't already familiar with No Tell Motel, please visit the magazine and if you believe your work is a good fit, please consider submitting.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Western Maryland Publishing Festival

Saturday, October 16, 2010
Featuring Small & Regional Presses
Downtown Frostburg, MD

Details here

Monday, September 20, 2010

This Week at No Tell Motel

T.A. Noonan ran out of money & slapped an entrance on what was complete this week at No Tell Motel.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

eBook: The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor

The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor is now available in eBook format at Lulu and iBookstore for only $7.99!


Eric Abbott * Deborah Ager * Malaika King Albrecht * William Allegrezza * Molly Arden * Cynthia Arrieu-King * Robyn Art * Sandra Beasley * Aaron Belz * Erin M. Bertram * Mary Biddinger * Ana Bozicevic-Bowling * Timothy Bradford * Joseph Bradshaw * Jason Bredle * Jenny Browne * Jenna Cardinale * Bruce Covey * Phil Crippen * Susan Denning * Michelle Detorie * Laurel K. Dodge * Mark DuCharme * Peg Duthie * kari edwards * AnnMarie Eldon * Jill Alexander Essbaum * Julie R. Enszer * Noah Falck * Michael Farrell * Katie Fesuk * Adam Fieled * Alice Fogel * Elisa Gabbert * Eric Gelsinger * Scott Glassman * David B. Goldstein * Dean Gorman * Anne Gorrick * Lea Graham * Kate Greenstreet * Piotr Gwiazda * Shafer Hall * Josh Hanson * Nathan Hoks * Donald Illich * Salwa C. Jabado * Charles Jensen * Jim Kober * Ron Klassnik * Jennifer L. Knox * Dorothee Lang * Sueyeun Juliette Lee * David Lehman * Reb Livingston * Rebecca Loudon * Justin Marks * Clay Matthews * Kristi Maxwell * Gary L. McDowell * Erika Meitner * Didi Menendez * Michael Meyerhofer * Steve Mueske * Gina Myers * Cheryl Pallant * Shann Palmer * Alison Pelegrin * Simon Perchik * Derek Pollard * Andrea Potos * Cati Porter * Laurie Price * Jessy Randall * Kim Roberts * Anthony Robinson * Carly Sachs * John Sakkis * Allyson Salazar * Christine Scanlon * Margot Schilpp * Morgan Lucas Schuldt * Patty Seyburn * Peter Jay Shippy * Evie Shockley * Alex Smith * Hugh Steinberg * Nicole Steinberg * Alison Stine * Mathias Svalina * Erik Sweet * Eileen R. Tabios * Bronwen Tate * Molly Tenenbaum * Chris Tonelli * Letitia Trent * Jen Tynes * Michael Quattrone * Ashley VanDoorn * Fritz Ward * J. Marcus Weekley * Betsy Wheeler * Theodore Worozbyt * Kim Young

Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week at No Tell Motel

Ruth Williams draws rickshaws wherever she goes this week at No Tell Motel.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recent Reviews of No Tell Titles

Cami Park on God Damsel:
I am enthralled by and in awe of this work– God Damsel is innovative and utterly fearless in its treatment of language, yet completely accessible, and funny as hell. A superb accomplishment.
Read entire review here

Cami Park on Cadaver Dogs:
Cadaver Dogs is the wheel that came off the trolley and landed in your soup. Small trolley, big soup.
Read entire review here

Karl Parker executes with intelligence, humor, and mastery of the language.
Read entire review here

Bernadette Geyer on The Myth of the Simple Machines:
Snyder’s collection is enjoyable not only for its inventiveness, which surprises and delights with its juxtapositions (The white storm seemed / outside me, but it wasn’t just.) but also for its myriad strong, memorable voices (The wave was my full skirt in the warm sun, in the wet world where everything moved but nothing was lost or gained.)
Read entire review here

Catherine Daly on The Myth of the Simple Machines:
The importance of this -- match -- of New York School to Edward Gorey (and now Edward Gorey is so filtered through Tim Burton) to the very fine and long tradition of nonsense verse and verse that isn't light, really, isn't surrealist, really, isn't for children, but just might squeak and twitter the right way to appeal, to sell, to be women's writing that is right for the cocktail hour OR to be illustrated BECAUSE EVERYBODY ENJOYS IT: this is Laurel Snyder's achievement in this book.
Read entire review here

And Chris Purdom offers brief ruminations on Shy Green Fields and Never Cry Woof.

* * *

Review a No Tell title and get 2 free books. Details here.

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Use Promo Code: AUTUMN to save 10% on all No Tell Books titles at Lulu, including the latest releases: PERSONATIONSKIN by Karl Parker, God Damsel by Reb Livingston and Cadaver Dogs by Rebecca Loudon.

Offer valid through 9/30

Monday, September 6, 2010

This Week at No Tell Motel

Melissa Barrett finds a typo in Corinthians and thinks God made a mistake this week at No Tell Motel.