Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Best Poetry Books of 2010 - Rob MacDonald

Rob MacDonald's selections:

The French Exit by Elisa Gabbert (Birds LLC)

Team Sad by Emily Kendal Frey and Zachary Schomburg (Cinematheque)

Black Life by Dorothea Lasky (Wave Books)

Monkey Bars by Matthew Lippman (Typecast)

Mean Free Path by Ben Lerner (Copper Canyon)

SELF HELP POEMS by Sampson Starkweather (Greying Ghost Press)

Post Moxie by Julia Story (Sarabande)

Brushes With by Emily Toder (Tarpaulin Sky)

The Trees Around by Chris Tonelli (Birds, LLC)

Come On All You Ghosts by Matthew Zapruder (Copper Canyon)

* * *

Rob MacDonald lives in Boston and is the editor of the online journal Sixth Finch. His poetry has appeared in Octopus, No Tell Motel, H_NGM_N and other fine journals. Last New Death, a chapbook, is available from Scantily Clad Press.

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