Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Poetry Books of 2010 - Steven Karl

Steven Karl's selections:

The Bugging Watch by Kim Gek Lin Short (Tarpaulin Sky Press)

Hank by Abraham Smith (Action Books)

Wolf Face by Matt Hart (H_ngm_n Books)


Revenge Poems by Christie Ann Reynolds Book trailer (Supermachine)

ATM by Chris Salerno (horseless Press)

Red Fortress by Jackie Clark (H_ngm_n portable e-chap)

Office Work by Jackie Clark (Greying Ghost Press)

Try a Little Time Travel by Natalie Lyalin (Ugly Duckling Presse)

Honorary Mention (Books I’m currently reading & in love with)

Glass Is Really A Liquid by Bruce Covey (No Tell Books)

Adam Robison and Other Poems by Adam Robison (Narrow House)

* * *

Steven Karl is the author of State(s) of Flux, a collaboration chap(art)book with Joseph Lappie (Peptic Robot Press, 2009), (Ir)Rational Animals (Flying Guillotine Press, 2010) and forthcoming e-chap, emissions/ of (H_ngm_n, 2011). He has poems in or forthcoming from Vinyl, Jellyfish, and EOAGH. He is the News Editor for Coldfront Magazine and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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