Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Poetry Books of 2010 - Lucy Biederman

Lucy Biederman's selections:

Pleasure by Brian Teare (Ahsahta)
"nasturtiums come summer undone verbs, burnt them, burnt tense, the present's past, burnt that..."

Wings Without Birds by Brian Henry (Salt)
"A pinata spilled, pick out / the choicest pieces and chew, as on / a series of fragments arranged alpha- / betically. I crack the a/c despite the bill. Close the blinds / to spite the sun."

Wolf Face by Matt Hart (H_ngm_n)
"The world weird wired as a panic device. The faces / in whiteout, the particulars diminished. / I am joyful. I am joyful. Your sufferance / my oyster."

The Mouths of Grazing Things by Jennifer Boyden (University of Wisconsin Press).
"Whatever is given is best when given all at once, not / over time like time itself / or a tract of days so clear the sky forgets."

Mean Free Path by Ben Lerner (Copper Canyon)
"This is a recording. This living hand / Reached in error. I hold it toward you / Throw it toward you, measuring the time..."

100 Notes on Violence by Julie Carr (Ahsahta). "That night I dreamed I had sex with a cat. In the morning as I was buying my coffee, a real cat ran by my ankles; I almost fainted with desire and fear."

* * *

Lucy Biederman graduated from George Mason University's MFA program in poetry. Her poetry is forthcoming in journals like Open City and The Journal, and currently appears in Issue 1 of the online journal Country Music.

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