Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recommended Summer Reading - Noah Falck

During the month of June, No Tells is featuring "Recommended Summer Reading" selections by No Tell contributors.

Noah Falck's recommendations:

A Plate of Chicken by Matthew Rohrer (Ugly Duckling Press, 2009)
I have read all of Rohrer’s books with the exception of A Plate of Chicken. Rohrer has been one of those poets for me who knows his way around the language so well, the words appear to radiate off the page. I am sure A Plate of Chicken will be nothing less than dazzling.

Ghost Machine by Ben Mirov (Caketrain, 2010)
Probably the most anticipated chapbook to come out all year, though it clocks in at 97 pages. Caketrain simply produces beautiful books. I picked up this one and Bird Any Damn Kind (Lucas Farrell) for only $12. You can’t beat that. Simply put Mirov is sentence sculptor. “I plan to be another language in the body of a deer.” Don’t we all plan on this?

The Black Eye by Brian Foley (Brave Men Press, 2010)
I read Foley’s first book, The Tornado is not a Surrealist, a strange yet beautiful experiment that left me full of candlelight and glaciers. The Black Eye is less of an experiment and more of a surrealistic dance of orphans. Everyone should have a copy.

Shot by Christine Hume (Counterpath Press, 2010)
I saw Christine Hume read in Cincinnati sometime in March and when I say read, I mean perform. She had her iPod collaboratively play unusual sound and music as she read. Hume is a creative soul. She seems to always be on the new frontier of experimentation. Something that summer should be all about.

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Noah Falck is an elementary school teacher, a Columbus Area Writing Project Summer Writing Fellow, and the author of three chapbooks, most recently Life As A Crossword Puzzle (winner of the Ohio Open Thread Chapbook Award). His poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and appeared or will appear in Forklift Ohio, Greensboro Review, Diode, and The Pinch. More at noahfalck.org

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