Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recommended Summer Reading - Kim Roberts

During the month of June, No Tells is featuring "Recommended Summer Reading" selections by No Tell contributors.

Kim Roberts' recommendations:

I recommend four new books by authors with strong DC ties:

non/fiction by Daniel Gutstein (Edge Books)
Are they short stories? Are they poems? They are both--and they are terrific.

Glow of Our Sweat by Francisco Aragon (Scapegoat Press)
Steamy poems of sexual desire, perfect reading for summer nights.

Up Jump the Boogie by John Murillo (Cypher Books)
Gritty urban poems that move from stark violence to glorious beauty.

Immigrant by Marcela Sulak (Black Lawrence Press)
A series of poems on the origins of fruits and vegetables that will make your mouth water.

* * *

Kim Roberts is the editor of the online journal Beltway Poetry Quarterly, now in its tenth anniversary year. She edited the anthology Full Moon on K Street: Poems About Washington, DC, and her third book of poems, Animal Magnetism, won the Pearl Poetry Prize and will be published in January 2011. Her website:

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