Saturday, November 14, 2009

Best Poetry Books of 2009 - Jessy Randall

Jessy Randall's selection:

Scary, No Scary by Zachary Schomburg (Black Ocean)

A poetry book with an index! The back cover says, borrowing imagery from Schomburg, that this book will crawl inside your chest and pump lava through your blood. But I think, borrowing imagery from Schomburg, that it is more like a hummingbird that will climb inside your heart and beat its little wings upon you.

* * *

Jessy Randall's collection of poems A Day in Boyland (Ghost Road Press, 2007) was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. Her new young adult novel The Wandora Unit (Ghost Road Press, 2009) is about love and friendship in the high school poetry crowd. Her website is

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