Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Best Poetry Books of 2009 - David Wolach

David Wolach's selections:

Disaster Suites by Rob Halpern (Palm Press)

The Shunt by David Buuck (Palm Press)

Censory Impulse by Erica Kaufman (Factory School)

The Port of Los Angeles by Jane Sprague (Chax Press)

Hegemonic Love Potion by Jules Boykoff (Factory School)

Adorno's Noise by Carla Harryman (Essay Press)

NO GENDER: Reflections on the Life & Work of kari edwards by multiple authors, kari edwards (Belladonna Books/Litmus Press)

Eel on Reef by Uche Nduka (Black Goat)

The Book of Frank by CA Conrad (Chax Press)

WIW?3 by CJ Martin (Delete Press)

Terminal Humming by K. Lorraine Graham (Edge Books)

Felonies of Illusion by Mark Wallace (Edge Books)

* * *

"David Wolach" is professor of text arts, poetry, & new media at The Evergreen State College, and visiting professor in Bard College's Workshop In Language & Thinking. "He" is "author" of several books, most recently Occultations (Black Radish Books, forth. 2010), Prefab Eulogies Vol. 1: Nothings Houses (BlazeVOX, forth. 2010), Hospitalogy (Scantily Clad Press, forth. 2009-10), and book alter(ed) (Ungovernable Press, 2009). "His" work has appeared in various journals, most recently No Tell Motel, XPoetics, Dusie, 5_Trope Ekleksographia (Ahadada Books, Amy King ed.), and Little Red Leaves. "Wolach's" work is often site specific and uses multiple media. It's been performed at venues such as Buffalo Poetics Series, The Stain of Poetry Series, The American Cybernetics Conference, and The EconVergence Conference 2009. "Wolach" is a member of Nonsite Collective and founding editor of Wheelhouse Magazine & Press, a tiny press dedicated to radical text arts & politics, which curates the yearly series PRESS in collaboration with The Evergreen State College. For readings, calls for submissions, & other items, visit "David's" blog.

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