Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Poetry Books of 2011 - Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Joshua Marie Wilkinson's selections:

Notes from Irrelevance by Anselm Berrigan (Wave Books)

Roseate, Points of Gold by Laynie Browne (Dusie Press)

The Odicy by Cyrus Console (Omnidawn)

Woodnote by Christine Deavel (Bear Star Press)

My rice tastes like the lake by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa (Apogee Press)

Chrysanthemums, Rowers by Hans Faverey, translated from the Dutch by Francis R. Jones (Leon Works)

The Source by Noah Eli Gordon (Futurepoem)

Negro League Baseball by Harmony Holiday (Fence Books)

Come and See by Fanny Howe (Graywolf Press)

Schizophrene by Bhanu Kapil (Nightboat)

MOUTH: EATS COLOR Sagawa Chika Translations, Anti-Translations, & Originals by Sawako Nakayasu & Chika Sagawa (Rouge Factorial)

O Bon by Brandon Shimoda (Litmus Press)

Address by Elizabeth Willis (Wesleyan University Press)

Ordinary Sun by Matthew Henriksen (Black Ocean)

* * *

Joshua Marie Wilkinson is the author of five books, the editor of two anthologies, and the director of a new film about the band Califone. He lives in Tucson, where he teaches at the University of Arizona.

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