Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Poetry Books of 2011 - Joseph Massey

Joseph Massey's selections:

Money Shot by Rae Armantrout (Wesleyan)

Rust or Go Missing by Lily Brown (Cleveland State University Poetry Center)

Uncertain Time by Richard Caddel (Pressed Wafer)

MOTES by Craig Dworkin (Roof Books)

Threshold Songs by Peter Gizzi (Wesleyan)

The Nineteenth Century and Other Poems by Chris Glomski (The Cultural Society)

SEWN by Nathan Hauke (Horseless Press)

Deseret by Kirsten Jorgenson (Horseless Press)

Book of the Given by Rusty Morrison (Noemi Press)

How's the Cows by Jess Mynes (Cannot Exist)

Metropole by Geoffrey G. O'Brien (University of California Press)

The Larger Nature by Pam Rehm (Flood Editions)

Wharf Hypothesis by Ron Silliman (Lines)

The Hermit by Laura Solomon (Ugly Duckling Presse)

The Method by Rob Stanton (Penned in the Margins)

The Cost of Walking by Shannon Tharp (Skysill Press)

Anew: Complete Shorter Poetry by Louis Zukofsky (New Directions)

* * *

Joseph Massey is the author of Areas of Fog (Shearsman Books, 2009) and At the Point (Shearsman Books, 2011), as well as eleven chapbooks: Minima St. (Range, 2002), Eureka Slough (Effing Press, 2005), Bramble (Hot Whiskey, 2005), Property Line (Fewer & Further Press, 2006), November Graph (Longhouse, 2007), Within Hours (The Fault Line Press, 2008), Out of Light (Kitchen Press, 2008), The Lack Of (Nasturtium Press, 2009), Exit North (Book Thug, 2010), Mock Orange (Longhouse, 2010) and Another Rehearsal for Morning (Longhouse, 2011). He lives in Arcata, California.

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