Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best Poetry Books of 2009 - Julie Babcock

Julie Babcock's selections:

Dearest Creature by Amy Gerstler (Penguin)
Everything great poetry should be—old and new, hallucinogenic and sane—all at once.

See Jack by Russell Edson (University of Pittsburgh)
This is a link to my Rain Taxi review reposted by Powell’s

Where I Stay by Andrew Zornoza (Tarpaulin Sky)
Zornoza drives a transcendently blurry line between poetry, prose, and art. This book is going to haunt me for a long time.

American Prophet by Robert Fanning (Marick)
Fanning creates an extremely compelling character and follows his struggles for meaning through a Michigan landscape that includes drycleaners, superstores, and Elvisfest.

* * *

Julie Babcock's most recent work appears in Necessary Fiction, The Apple Valley Review, MiPOesias, and Fifth Wednesday Journal. She teaches at University of Michigan.

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