Monday, July 13, 2009

Save money, get books, & help Ahsahta Press

7 books for $75!

Our summer subscription sale starts now! Regular subscriptions cost $95 (a 20% savings over cover prices on 7 books), but if you subscribe before Sept. 1, you'll get all 7 for just $75 -- along with a big thank-you from us in the form of Dan Beachy-Quick's Apology for the Book of Creatures. Save $52 and get a free $15 chapbook to boot!

Why this is a good idea:

1. It's our 35th birthday!

2. You get brand-new books from Kate Greenstreet, Brigitte Byrd, Julie Carr, Brenda Iijima, Susan Tichy, Sandra Doller, and Lance Phillips, delivered free of shipping charges as they're published in September, January, March, and May.

3. You'll help the press stay solvent. I understand that $75 is a lot to spend (though not a lot for SEVEN amazing books) -- if that's not for you, would you please consider buying just one book? If everyone getting this e-mail purchased just one book from Ahsahta Press, we'd breathe a lot easier. And think of it -- you might meet a poet new to you or discover one you've been hearing about.

Check out our website--and subscribe before Sept. 1 for a great deal!

Janet Holmes

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