Thursday, July 2, 2009

From the Editors of Tarpaulin Sky Press

1) TSky Press Fall 2009/Spring 2010 subscriptions are now available.

$60 for six books w/free shipping
(vs. $103.94 from Amazon, or $107 from SPD)

Yes, you read the above correctly. $60 will get you five paperbacks and one chapbook w/ free shipping. & Yes, you'll save around $45.

Please visit our catalog at to order online or pay by check. (THIS OFFER IS LIMITED TO 100 SUBSCRIBERS.)

All first books. All from women writers. Which excites us no end. Although we have always been committed to publishing both new writers and women writers, the 2009/10 subscription series really puts our money where our collective mouth is. Fall 2009 books include Ana Bozicevic's full-length poetry collection, Stars of the Night Commute; Traci O Connor's book of short fictions, Recipes for Endangered Species; and Emily Toder's poetry chapbook, Brushes With; Spring 2010 titles include Joanna Ruocco's book of short fictions, Man's Companions; Kim Gek Lin Short's lyric novella, The Bugging Watch and Other Exhibits; and Shelly Taylor's book of interlocking short fictions / prose poems, Black-Eyed Heifer.

2) Andrew Zornoza's Where I Stay and Gordon Massman's The Essential Numbers are also now available.

In the process of constantly disappearing, the unhinged, unmoored and unnamed narrator of WHERE I STAY travels through a cracked North America, stalked by his own future self and the whispers of a distant love. From Arco, Idaho to Mexico City, he flees along the highways and dirt roads of a landscape filled with characters in transition: squatters, survivalists, prostitutes, drug runners, skinheads, border guards and con-men. WHERE I STAY is a meditation on desperation, identity, geography, memory, and love-a story about endurance, about the empty spaces in ourselves, about the new possibilities we find only after we have lost everything. "Refreshing, pitch-perfect kind of steering that is innovative not only for the genre it might get called into, but for experiential and language-focused texts of every stripe."--BLAKE BUTLER. "A gifted journey through borderlands between text and image, glassy prose and suggestively indirect prose poem, facts and fictions, sanity and the other thing"--LANCE OLSEN.

from THE ESSENTIAL NUMBERS: "1715": "It is unimportant to me whether anyone reads these poems / or their assessment of them should they, I do not care under / whose name they are published, nor could I care less what / literary critics say about them, praise or condemnation, / nothing could be more vapid than some academic advanc- / ing his career on my efforts or within institutionally accept- / able parameters pushing my reputation this way or that, / most contemporary poetry is shit as is the industry that sur- / rounds it and I want no part of it, if I am harsh so be it, if / I am angry then that is life, if I have hurt my consanguineous / they are co-conspirators in their pain, nothing in this work / bears false witness nor have I broken one commandment, / I am a decent man imbued with a religious spirit and cap- / able of love, I have noticed the world is full of cowards."

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