Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best Poetry Books of 2011 - Jessy Randall

Jessy Randall's selections:

Excuse Me While I Wring This Long Swim Out of My Hair by Sarah J. Sloat (Dancing Girl Press)
If you like the title poem, you will like this whole book.

Invisible Strings by Jim Moore (Graywolf Press)
Jim Moore gets better and better with every book. His poems are funny and full of love. You will get the sense that he likes you, and you like him.

The Sliding Glass Door by Scott Poole (Colonus Publishing)
For people who think it would be a good idea to read a poem called "Thoughts on Chewbacca." And really, what kind of person wouldn't want to read that?

Thirteen Designer Vaginas by Juliet Cook (Hyacinth Girl Press)
The only chapbook I know with a vajazzled cover.

Dog Ear by Erica Baum (Ugly Duckling Presse)
These poems, or should I say "poems," no I will just say poems, are made by photographing carefully dog-eared pages of printed books. You'll see. It's cool.

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Jessy Randall's newest book is Interruptions: Collaborative Poems, written with Daniel M. Shapiro (Pecan Grove Press, 2011). Find out more at http://personalwebs.coloradocollege.edu/~jrandall/writer.html.

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Jessy Randall said...

I need to add one more! Just received my copy of Noel Black's Uselysses and its companion volume Moby K. Dick (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011). Both books are so cool, but Moby K. Dick has fantastic surreal collage illustrations and is in a limited edition, just 75 copies. http://www.uglyducklingpresse.org/catalog/browse/item/?pubID=191