Thursday, August 6, 2009

FREE Tarot Reading or Dream Interpretation Offer

No Tell Books is trapped in the same pot along with hundreds of other small presses. We’re all jumping up and down yelling, HELP US, BUY A BOOK, WE’RE MELTING!

Pleas have gone unanswered. Discounts and subscriptions have not been much of a draw. Neither has quality poetry. So NTB is sweetening the deal for this weekend ONLY.

Buy one No Tell Books title between now and Sunday, August 9, 2009 and receive a FREE tarot reading or dream interpretation! (One free reading or interpretation per customer)

If you buy a No Tell title this weekend, not only do you receive a stellar collection of poetry, you also receive FREE PSYCHIC ADVICE from me, poet and editor, Reb Livingston. This psychic advice will be dispensed via either a tarot reading or dream interpretation. BUT WAIT, THAT’S NOT ALL, if I receive any clairvoyant nuggets while I’m doing your reading or interpretation, I will share them with you AT NO EXTRA COST.

Psychic Qualification Statement: The first thing I ever shoplifted was a deck of tarot cards from Spencer Gifts. I was in 8th grade. The tarot cards called out and asked for me to take them. While I own several decks of tarot cards, I still use my original, thieved deck because it is the BEST. As a child I was harassed by a civil war era ghost (same ghost that harassed my grandmother, supposedly all he wanted was to “talk,” whatever, jerk) and I informed my mother about her friend’s miscarriage hours before she received the call with the news. Who wants to hang around a ghost-seeing, miscarriage-knowing little kid? NOBODY. So like any creepy kid who wants to be loved and accepted, I turned my back on these abilities and lost them. Now, like every middle-aged bozo, I’m searching for meaning, purpose and spirituality. A year ago I made the conscious decision to reconnect with that weird little girl. FULL DISCLOSURE: My 3rd and 7th charkas are kind of a mess at the moment and need a lot of work, but my main aura colors are blue and violet, which is pretty awesome.

For almost two years I have been tracking and interpreting dreams. Aside from my own dreams, I’ve interpreted the dreams of friends, family members and great poets such as Jill Alexander Essbaum, Rauan Klassnik, Bruce Covey as well as a slew of Facebookers! I’ve read a number of books by C.G. Jung, Marie Von Franz and other accomplished Jungian thinkers.

Also, I’ve been told I have a very rich psyche.


1. Buy a NTB title between now and Sunday, August 9, 2009. While it is preferred that you purchase directly from Lulu, any retail outlet or store will suffice. Books purchased through our subscription and discount offers qualify as does purchasing Reb’s Your Ten Favorite Words (Coconut Books).

2. Forward the receipt (proof of purchase) to reb(at)notellbooks(dot)org. If you purchase the book via a brick and mortar store, send a jpg of the receipt. Lulu & other retail outlets do not share customer information and my psychic abilities are not THAT powerful. Yet. The only way I will know that you purchased a book is if you forward your receipt to me.

I will contact you within 24 hours with directions on how to receive your FREE tarot reading or dream interpretation.

Time of delivery of reading or interpretation will depend on the number of book sales. If we sell 100 books (oh dear spirit guides, please let us sell 100 books), it may take a little while to receive your FREE reading or interpretation. If we sell 2 books, you’ll hear from me pretty quickly.

One reading or interpretation per customer.

All readings and interpretations will be communicated over email.

Sorry, books purchased at earlier dates do not qualify for this offer.

* * *

Try README as a coupon code. It's good for 10% off your cart at Lulu.


Anonymous said...

haha I would totally do this if I had some speding $$

hope it is a success!

Adam Deutsch said...

You talked me into it!
It was about time I got Bruce Covey's book anyway. Ordered from Amazon; can I donate the reading and dream interpretation to a starving child in Jersey?

parrotbarking said...

Get up on this deal!

I did.

Reb has read my tarot several times and her insights have brought me fame, fortune, and a wife!

Need more convincing? Pick up The Attention Lesson and start living the life of lore.

Radish King said...

You were in the 8th Grade when you first shoplifted? Jesus. I was 5. I love you but yr a little bit slow but not one bit unethical.

Rebecca the Other

Anonymous said...

Ha, what a very cool idea. Too bad I am so far away. You should do webcam tarot readings. :P

RL said...

You can be anywhere in the world. The readings are done via email.

DUSIE said...

but but, what if I HAVE ALL the NTM books already? and yr bk, what about that? Did you think of that yet? I hear yr good too!!!

Ivy said...

Hi Reb,

Try README as a coupon code on Lulu — good for 10% off up to 10 GBP, according to Lulu's Twitter feed.


Ivy said...

Haha! Can't even type my name right. :-)

Robert said...

One CADAVER DOGS sold! Lulu doesn't exactly make it easy to order, does it? But I can't wait to read the book!

RL said...

Thank you Robert! Sorry to hear it wasn't easy to buy on Lulu. I don't find it too difficult, but then again, I am used to using it. Be sure to forward your receipt to "" to receive the free offer.

RL said...

Thanks Ivy - I'll update the post with that info.