Thursday, May 21, 2009

Galatea Resurrects #12 featuring 87 new reviews!


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No Tell contributor highlights:

Nic Sebastian reviews HARLOT by Jill Alexander Essbaum

Tom Beckett engages CADAVER DOGS by Rebecca Loudon

Nicola Trumbull reviews NEVER CRY WOOF by Shafer Hall

Tom Beckett interviews Reb Livingston

Thomas Fink reviews 237 MORE REASONS TO HAVE SEX by Denise Duhamel & Sandy McIntosh

Kristin Berkey-Abbott reviews 237 MORE REASONS TO HAVE SEX by Denise Duhamel & Sandy McIntosh

Tom Hibbard reviews FRAGILE REPLACEMENTS by William Allegrezza

Eileen Tabios engages DISCLOSURE by Dana Teen Lomax

Eric Gelsinger reviews TIME MACHINE by Ric Boyer

Nicole Mauro reviews [LAPSED INSEL WEARY] by Susana Gardner

Steven Karl reviews THE STARS ON THE 7:18 PENN by Ana Bozicevic

Eric Gelsinger reviews LETTERHEAD VOLUME 2, Eds. Eric Johnt, Bradley Lastname, Brian McMahon, Robert Pomerhn

Eileen Tabios engages PORTRAIT AND DREAM: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by Bill Berkson

Ching-In Chen reviews THE ALPS by Brandon Shimoda

Eileen Tabios engages OPEN NIGHT by Aaron Lowinger

Craig Santos Perez reviews RIVER ANTES by Myung Mi Kim

William Allegrezza reviews DIPTYCHS: VISUAL POEMS by Nico Vassilakis

Eileen Tabios engages LUNCH POEMS by Mark Young and DELTA BLUES by Skip Fox

Nathan Logan reviews THAT TINY INSANE VOLUPTUOUSNESS by Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney

Nathan Logan reviews THE AMPUTEE´S GUIDE TO SEX by Jillian Weise

Steven Karl reviews CLARITY AND OTHER POEMS by Thomas Fink

Steven Karl reviews LOST WORK BOOK W/ LETTERS TO DEER by Catherine Meng

Eileen Tabios engages PLAGIARISM/OUTSOURCE by Tan Lin

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