Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet Kurt the No Tell Intern

After years of swearing I would never, ever, No Tell got an intern. Which is either a sign of End of Days or a signal that I'm mellowing just a smidget. Among his duties, Kurt will be blogging here, posting new books by No Tell contributors and conducting interviews. Get to know Kurt now, while he's fresh and before I corrupt him with my crazy cat lady ideas regarding publishing, poetry and DIY.
--Reb Livingston

Kurt Geisler is currently a sophomore at Frostburg State University. He is an English Major, with a creative writing concentration. He has a journalism minor and is pursuing a certificate in professional writing. His main focus is poetry, but he enjoys (and attempts) all other forms of writing. After graduating, he wishes to go onto graduate school. His free time (or rather, when he’s procrastinating) consists of playing the bass (badly), the guitar (horribly) and singing (we wont even go into that) songs he has written with his friend/band mate Elliot.

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