Friday, November 14, 2008

New Titles by No Tell Poets

-Suzanne Frischkorn, Lit Windowpane, (Main Street Rag Publishing)

-Shin Yu Pai, Tom Gilroy, Jim McKay, Patrick So, Grant-Lee Phillips, Denise Siegel, Rick Roth, Alison Roth, Haiku Not Bombs, (Booklyn Artists Alliance)

-Bronwen Tate, Like the Native Tongue the Vanquished, (Cannibal Books)

-Boyer Rickel, Remanence, (Palor Press)

-Eileen R. Tabios, The Blind Chatelaine’s Keys, (BlazeVOX Books)

-Noah Falck, Measuring Tape For The Midwest, (Pavement Saw Press)

-Adam Fieled, When You Bit..., (Otoliths Books)

-Grace Cavalieri, Anna Nicole: Poems, (Casa Menendez)

-Marcela Sulak, Of All the Things that Don’t Exist, I love You Best, (

-Justin Marks, Voir Dire, (Rope-a-Dope Press)

-Justin Marks, A Million in Prizes, (New Issues Press)

-Deborah Ager, Midnight Voices, (WordTech Press)

-Alex Smith, Lux, (Black Maze Books)

-Ryan Flaherty, Novas, (Bateau Press)

-Jilly Dybka, Trouble And Honey, (Bear Shirt Press)

-Michael Rerick, X-Ray, (Flying Guillotine Press)

-Michael Rerick, In Ways Impossible to Fold, (Marsh Hawk Press)

-Alice B. Fogel, Be That Empty, (Harbor Mountain Press)

Alice B. Fogel, Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook for Reluctant Readers, (Hobblebush Press)

-Cati Porter, Seven Floors Up, (Mayapple Press)

-Cati Porter, Small Fruit Songs, (Pudding House Publications)

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