Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recent Reviews of No Tell Titles

Cami Park on God Damsel:
I am enthralled by and in awe of this work– God Damsel is innovative and utterly fearless in its treatment of language, yet completely accessible, and funny as hell. A superb accomplishment.
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Cami Park on Cadaver Dogs:
Cadaver Dogs is the wheel that came off the trolley and landed in your soup. Small trolley, big soup.
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Karl Parker executes with intelligence, humor, and mastery of the language.
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Bernadette Geyer on The Myth of the Simple Machines:
Snyder’s collection is enjoyable not only for its inventiveness, which surprises and delights with its juxtapositions (The white storm seemed / outside me, but it wasn’t just.) but also for its myriad strong, memorable voices (The wave was my full skirt in the warm sun, in the wet world where everything moved but nothing was lost or gained.)
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Catherine Daly on The Myth of the Simple Machines:
The importance of this -- match -- of New York School to Edward Gorey (and now Edward Gorey is so filtered through Tim Burton) to the very fine and long tradition of nonsense verse and verse that isn't light, really, isn't surrealist, really, isn't for children, but just might squeak and twitter the right way to appeal, to sell, to be women's writing that is right for the cocktail hour OR to be illustrated BECAUSE EVERYBODY ENJOYS IT: this is Laurel Snyder's achievement in this book.
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And Chris Purdom offers brief ruminations on Shy Green Fields and Never Cry Woof.

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