Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recommended Summer Reading - Elisa Gabbert

During the month of June, No Tells is featuring "Recommended Summer Reading" selections by No Tell contributors.

Elisa Gabbert's recommendations:

For People Who Like Gravity and Other People by Chris Tonelli (Rope-a-Dope Press)
These poems in the voice of a carnival ride unexpectedly tackle the Big Questions. Includes a DVD if you're more of a "watcher."

Run by Kim Gek Lin Short (Rope-a-Dope Press)
These prose poems tell the tale of La La, who dreams of escaping her brutalized life in China to become a crooning cowgirl.

Post Moxie by Julia Story (Sarabande)
The little chunks of prose in Post Moxie are like the journalings of an obsessive mind that sees a sad hilarity in everything.

Mean Free Path by Ben Lerner (Copper Canyon)
A lovely meditative book to make you question the line, the lyric I, the political poem, and other stuff you thought poetry could and couldn't do.

* * *

Elisa Gabbert is the poetry editor of Absent and the author of The French Exit (Birds LLC) and Thanks for Sending the Engine (Kitchen Press). Recent poems can be found in Denver Quarterly, The Laurel Review, Puerto del Sol, The Rumpus, and Salt Hill. She currently lives in Boston, works at a software startup, and blogs at The French Exit.

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