Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recommended Summer Reading - PF Potvin

During May and June, No Tells is featuring "Recommended Summer Reading" selections by No Tell contributors.

PF Potvin's recommendations:

Poor Manners by Adam Halbur (Ahadada Books)

Got a sneak peek at this tragically lovely book, out shortly. Sucker's got fish and deer and guns and more natural dialogue than my Michigan summer deserves. Even found myself talking to the poems about swallowing stones. They're just that confident, wise beyond their age in letters.

Novlets - 67 Sonnets by Lee Warner Brooks (Legal Studies Forum)

Finally. Function beyond form. These poems are contemporary to the point of invention, categorized as Lovnets, Lossnets, Godnets, and Litnets. Pick up and discover "Guantanissimo," "Moon Wrecks," "Digitalica," and "How the Gods Get So High."

The Walking-Away World by Kenneth Patchen (New Directions)

Pumped a fist of hurrah for this newly released collection of Patchen's out of print poem/quote/riddle/painting books. No summer would be complete without the bizillion forms of bizarre beasts. And the pageful of Berfu's Ox reminds us to dally in the absurd as it "STANDS THERE / so the sky won't fall down / (you got some other reason?)

* * *

Michigan-born ultramarathon runner and writer PF Potvin is the author of The Attention Lesson (No Tell Books). His poetry and fiction have appeared in Boston Review, Born Magazine, MiPOesias, No Tell Motel, Sleeping Fish, Sentence, and elsewhere. He serves on the staff of Drunken Boat and teaches writing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Spy him at www.pfpotvin.com.

PF was recently interviewed at Orange Alert.

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